Stars are Falling Update!!

Hi, folks!

Wow, it’s so surreal how a year has passed since we attempted this little pet project driven by pure impulse! A lot of things have happened to us since we submitted the demo, so here’s an update addressing the changes planned for Stars are Falling! We wonder if anyone still remembers the game, but we want to show that we are still at least somewhat working on the project ( ;;ᐛ )و.

To start off, where have we been? After the demo, we’ve been busy with life stuff so we had to put Stars are Falling on hold. (Just letting you know, there’s two of us, one writer/programmer and one artist) But we definitely haven’t forgotten about it! In fact, ever since the demo, we’ve been trying to figure out how to improve it in the back of our minds.

Like previously mentioned, we created this on a whim, so while we are glad that we even managed to come out with a rough demo, and are very grateful that people enjoyed it to some extent, we know it’s not really in its best state. There are a lot of itching problems, mostly about the story, and tons of improvement we could make, but wasn’t sure how yet at that time.

After spending time brainstorming and laughing our heads off, we can finally say that we’ve reached a point in the story where we’re happy to move forward with! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Here are a few of the changes made:

  • No longer ‘chapter-based’, that was part of the whim, and probably a bad idea in the first place. The final version will be a whole game that can be played in one go, with different endings of course.
  • So far, we’re aiming to have a total of 6 endings, 2 for each character route: Iah, Koray, and Rigel (the mysterious green alien who didn’t get to make his entrance in the demo).
  • A better, more cohesive storyline. This includes expanding and shelving characters. One of the biggest changes is Koray. He’s still integral to the plot, but not so much that he overrides other characters. (I wanted to make him more mellow, but Kooly (artist) likes him being angsty for some reason.) Also goodbye to Commander E, we don’t see you anyway.
  • Other aspects, like the art, will be further developed along the way. While we were away, we have been sharpening our skills, so once we pick it up again there will definitely be a difference (and we hope improvement) in the art style and overall visuals.

There are many more changes planned, which are a surprise! Ultimately, we will try to maintain the essence of this visual novel as a simple, wacky, fun adventure.

So when will the final game be released? Well, we initially intended to be done in 2019, but since we’re still at an early stage, we can’t guarantee a specific date :( We may not know how long it will take, but we will work on it bit by bit until someday, we’ll finally get there.

Lastly, what’s with the stars? Why are they falling? Find out more...when we see you again!


See you soon, space cowboy...

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