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It’s Flower Day and love is in bloom! ...Or is it?

On Flower Day, everyone in town gives flowers to the ones they love.

But for Clove...

It hasn't been the same since he was a kid.

Years later, when new boy Sorrell moves in, it might finally be time for a budding change.

Who will you spend this special day with?

✿✿✿ Credits ✿✿✿

Writer/Programmer: cairirie

Artist/GUI: koolydragon

Music from Peritune (http://peritune.com/)

✿✿✿ 1/7 Update! ✿✿✿

✿ Status: Finished! ✿

~40 minutes of play-through!

~3 Endings!

~Lots of flowery feels!

Flowers for You is a short BxB visual novel about giving flowers to the ones who matter. 

Back when we started this little project for NaNoReNo 2020, it was in its seedling stage. Now to water it and make it grow, we're full of the joys of spring! Hope you enjoy~!  (´ ꒳ ` ✿)

Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated too! Whose ending did you get first? Which character do you like the most? Any improvements? We'd love to know!

✿✿✿ Thank you~! ✿✿✿


flowersforyou-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 107 MB
flowersforyou-2.0-mac.zip 101 MB
flowersforyou-2.0-pc.zip 118 MB

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April showers bring! ...July flowers? Cleared all the endings and it was just so warm and heartening. Got End 2, then 1, then 3, but End 1 bowled me over the most. I was worried the old trauma would come back and I'd have to roar DON'T YOU DARE. Instead, giving the bouquet to the Master--UOOOOAWWWW. Yet I appreciate the existence of Ending 3 the most because Bud's reaction was so normal and realistic. Genuine platonic friendship ending?! You don't say! I like Clover a lot--I like all his expressions, especially when he rolls his eyes up during moments of baffled internal monologue.

My only suggestions for improvement are fixing a few typos ("while Bud always order a new item", "I don't know if it's alright ask at this moment...", "projecting hopes into you"). This was a genuinely lovely game to be warmed up by. Congrats for finishing!


I love the art style and how adorable the grandpa is! Can't wait!

thank you! we're happy that people like the art style ^-^


I love the art style!

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thank you so much for the nice comment (T^T)/ 
we will continue working hard!