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April showers bring! ...July flowers? Cleared all the endings and it was just so warm and heartening. Got End 2, then 1, then 3, but End 1 bowled me over the most. I was worried the old trauma would come back and I'd have to roar DON'T YOU DARE. Instead, giving the bouquet to the Master--UOOOOAWWWW. Yet I appreciate the existence of Ending 3 the most because Bud's reaction was so normal and realistic. Genuine platonic friendship ending?! You don't say! I like Clover a lot--I like all his expressions, especially when he rolls his eyes up during moments of baffled internal monologue.

My only suggestions for improvement are fixing a few typos ("while Bud always order a new item", "I don't know if it's alright ask at this moment...", "projecting hopes into you"). This was a genuinely lovely game to be warmed up by. Congrats for finishing!


I love the art style and how adorable the grandpa is! Can't wait!

thank you! we're happy that people like the art style ^-^


I love the art style!

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thank you so much for the nice comment (T^T)/ 
we will continue working hard!